Publishing & Scheduling

UNUM has always thought of ways that can make the work of content creators and business owners more convenient in the online space. And over the years, we have provided features that can help plan and visualize their feed. Continuing on that goal is why we are now launching the latest product offering dedicated to scheduling and auto-posting photos and videos.

It can be accessed on both the web and mobile apps. To get started, make sure that your Instagram account is converted to Business Profile. The steps for this can be seen here.

Go to your space, select the photo you want to publish, and tap the Post Details in upper-right corner of your page.

You can then write your caption or copy in advance, with the character, hashtag, and tagging limits shown on the right corner as a guide. If you want to publish it right away, select the social media channel you want to post it to and click post.

Do you want to schedule it for later? Click Add Date and choose the day and time you want the content to be posted. Once done, click Add Queue. You will then see a preview of your work with the exact schedule of posting. You can Edit or Delete these later on if needed.

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