BioBar on Mobile App

In the mobile app

1. Tap the BioBar logo (third) located at the bottom, in between the Space and Account Profile logos.

2. Tap 'Create New Site' from the dropdown menu on the upper-left corner, to work on your first BioBar page.

3. Choose and tap your preferred template among the examples shown.

4. You can start customizing your BioBar template by tapping each section.

5. Add Blocks depending on what you need by tapping the 'Add New Block' yellow icon on the lower-right corner.

6. Change the appearance and style of your BioBar by tapping the edit icon (second).

7. Rearrange your Blocks by tapping on the 'Blocks.' Drag and hold the six dots on the left-most part for each block to change their order.

    • Temporarily remove a Block on your preview by tapping the toggle button on the right-most part of each block.

    • Permanently remove a Block by swiping left and tapping Delete.

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