2️⃣Schedule Your Posts (Autopost or Set Reminder)

At UNUM, we're constantly thinking of ways to make social media management easy for content creators and business owners. Now, you can schedule photo or video posts, whether for reminding or auto-posting, for any platform using our web or mobile app.

Let us help you simplify your social media strategy. Follow our steps below to start scheduling posts in UNUM today.

1. Go to your UNUM Space and click the post you want to schedule.

  • If you do not have any posts in your Space, please add them from your built-in media library, camera roll, or other import options.

  • Your planner supports scheduling these post types: video, photo, carousel-posts, and even post ideas!

2. On the Post Detail toolbar on the right side, you can see the details of your post (social channel, captions, schedule). You can use the Magic Hashtag for this.

3. On the top part, tap the "+" icon to select the channels (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn) you want to schedule this post for

  • You can customize the captions, hashtags, and time for each channel

  • Each channel has different scheduling features available to you

    • Autopost to Instagram

    Supports Carousel Posts, and Feed (Photo/Video) Posts

    • Autopost to Facebook

    Supports Facebook Page

    • Autopost to Pinterest (COMING SOON)

    • Autopost to Linkedin (COMING SOON)

4. After you have selected the specific channel, tap "Choose date & time" to finalize the scheduling of the said post.

5. Then you will have two options: Set Reminder or Auto-post

  • If you want to Set a reminder (UNUM will send you a friendly reminder via email when it is time to post)

    • You can set reminders for all your channels

    Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram Post, Instagram Reels, Instagram Story

  • If you want to schedule an Auto-post (UNUM will post on your behalf)

    Available for Facebook page posts, and Instagram feed posts

6. Click Add Date and choose the day and time you want the content to be posted.

Once done, click confirm. You will then see a preview of your work with the exact schedule of posting. You can Edit or Delete these later on if needed.

Create and plan as much content as you like.

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