#️⃣Caption Generator

Use UNUM AI to generate the most brilliant captions, effective hashtags and save your captions through bookmarking!

Here's how to use the Magic Caption Tool:

Here's how to use the Magic Caption Tool:

  • Select a photo.

  • Write your caption.

  • Press tab to use the magic caption tool.

  • Select a style or tone that suits your brand.

Essential tips for using hashtags on every social media platform out there:

Hashtags only really β€œwork” (increase discoverability) when accounts are public and searchable. So if you’re using a hashtag to help grow your audience and increase growth, make sure your account is accessible to the masses.

‍Limit the number of hashtags you include in a post. More hashtags doesn't necessarily mean more views/impressions. You want to watch out for over use because hashtag overloads can look spammy and unprofessional. We recommend using 1-3 hashtags per post.

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